Old Components

These are some of the older components of Calligra Suite. These components are no longer a part of Calligra. They are now either standalone apps or unmaintained.


Braindump is an open source tool to dump and organize the content of your brain (ideas, drawings, images, texts…) to your computer.

Braindump Screenshot

Braindump is now unmaintained



Calligra Author helps you develop your eBook document from concept to completion. Calligra Author is the one-stop tool for creating ebooks. It supports the user in all the phases of writing: planning, writing, review and publishing. Calligra Author is especially aimed at novelists and textbook writers.

Calligra Author Screenshot

Author is now unmaintained



Calligra Flow is an easy to use diagramming and flowcharting application with tight integration to the other Calligra applications. It enables you to create network diagrams, organisation charts, flowcharts and more.

Calligra Flow Screenshot

Flow will be merged with Karbon



Krita is the full-featured digital art studio.

It is perfect for sketching and painting, and presents an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters.

Krita is a great choice for creating concept art, comics, textures for rendering and matte paintings. Krita supports many colourspaces like RGB and CMYK at 8 and 16 bits integer channels, as well as 16 and 32 bits floating point channels.

Have fun painting with the advanced brush engines, amazing filters and many handy features that make Krita enormously productive.

Krita Screenshot

Krita was part of Calligra up to version 2.9 and became a project independent from Calligra since then.