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Lost in Calligra settings or just looking to discover more features in Calligra? You can read the Calligra Handbook to find answers to your questions.

Need Help?

Check out Calligra on KDE Forums maybe someone has already solved a similar problem. And of not, feel free to ask there!

Found a Bug?

Bugs in software happen. If you found some in Calligra, please report them into our Bugzilla. Please do not report bugs on forums or mailinglists - such reports will most likely be overlooked or forgotten by the developers quite soon. To make sure the bug gets noticed by developers and fixed as soon as possible, report it into Bugzilla.

Missing a Feature?

Calligra has a lot of features, but there’s always a room for one or two more. If you have an idea for an improvement or you are missing a feature in Calligra; write your suggestion in our Bugzilla so that the developers can find it and implement it.