Konqi, the KDE mascot

Get Involved!

Calligra Suite is a collection of free software application, made by a community of volunteers, with different skills, contributing to different areas.

No matter what your skills are, there is something you can do to help with the project. If you want to get in touch with the community, you can join the IRC channel #calligra on Libera Chat, join the mailing-list calligra-devel@kde.org, use our community page, use the forum, or finally KDE’s bugs tracker.

Build Calligra from Sources

The community wiki provides resources about setting up your development environment.

Get in Touch!

Most development-related discussions take place on the calligra-devel@kde.org mailing list Just join in, say hi and tell us what you would like to help us with!


If you know C++ and Qt, start by reading the First Contact page on the Calligra Developers wiki where you wil find how to build the programs from source code, how to report bug or wish.

Not a Programmer?

Not a problem! There’s a plenty of other tasks that you can help us with to make Calligra better even if you don’t know any programming languages!